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Snake bite dreams

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Snake Bite Dreams Snake bite dreams have something specific to say about your personality and the way in which you live your life. As a dream symbol, the snake means something from beyond has penetrated your awareness. Snake bite dreams let you know in no uncertain terms that it’s time to wake up and pay attention to something that you have …

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Dreams About Fathers: Freeing your mind from unconscious influence

In Dreams about people by Jesamine8 Comments

Dreams about your father symbolize something about your current mindstate, something affecting your life, but something which you are not aware of.  Always, always something you do not know or haven’t accepted about yourself.  If you can get your head around this one concept about your dreams, then you are on the right path.  In this post, we’ll look at …

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Houses in Dreams: Images of conscious and unconscious psyche

In Places in Dreams by Jesamine Mello15 Comments

Houses in dreams symbolize your whole life situation. They tell you something about your inner house, meaning your inner psychic state. Your inner psychic state is something which influences every aspect of your life: how you see things, how you relate to others, and how you see and relate to yourself. Houses in dreams can also reveal something specific about your conscious attitude …

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The Symbolism of the Snake

In Symbols by Jesamine Mello3 Comments

The symbolism of the snake or serpent is one of the most widespread across mythology, folklore, and religion. And, not surprisingly, snake dreams are some of the most common dreams. The snake has many names and attributes: Master of the mystery of rebirth. Bringer of light and healing. Bearer of the fruit of immortality. Its celestial sign is the Moon, …