One-on-one Dream Interpretation Sessions

Experience the healing and revitalizing power of your dreams

Dream Interpretation Session

One session 90-minute session - $125

Have you had a potent single or recurring dream or nightmare that has made a deep impression on you? In this 90-minute dream interpretation session, we will do an in-depth dream analysis. We'll explore the main dream symbols and themes in relationship to your current life situation. Learn basic techniques for exploring the meaning of dreams.

Dream Interpretation Intensive

4 Weekly Sessions - $400

In four 90-minute intensive sessions, we will dive into as many dreams as you have. Dream meanings sometimes reveal themselves across a series. Through several dream interpretations, you will be able to see the underlying patterns at work in your life, as well as those areas where you need to pay more attention. You can discover answers to questions, such as, "Are you headed in the right direction?  Where is your creative potential?"

Dream Interpretation Immersive

12 weekly sessions - $1200

If you are in the midst of a personal struggle or crisis and are looking for answers, then the dream interpretation immersion can help you. If you are suffering from the onset of depression or anxiety, going through relationship issues, stagnating in a creative blockage, or experiencing the malaise of meaninglessness, your dreams will have something to say about it.


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