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A resource site dedicated to helping you understand and unlock the power of your dreams. 

If you are new to dream interpretation, this page will give you a summary of what dream interpretation is, how it benefits you, and how this site is different from other dream sites.
Real Dream Interpretation, you’ll find in-depth information about common dream symbols and how to interpret them, as well as real dream examples from people I have worked with.
For each dream, I give you the dream interpretation. When you read real dream interpretations and see how to extract dream meaning from the symbols in your dreams, then you can learn to do your own dream interpretations.

Introduction to Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation is about self-discovery at the deepest possible level. When we pay attention to our dreams, we put ourselves in touch with the deepest source of our being.

Every dream shows us something new about ourselves, no matter how trivial the dream may seem.

Whenever we do a dream interpretation, we should have some kind of guiding principles behind it.  My guiding principles are the ones laid out by Carl Jung. We’ll cover all of those main principles throughout this site.

The most important thing to keep in mind when exploring dream meaning is what Jung said in the quote above.  Dreams seek to express something that we do not already know or understand.

You won’t find your answers in a dream dictionary or on typical dream sites.

Anyone who works with dreams long enough will eventually see that there is a profound intelligence behind them.  This intelligence is eons upon eons older and infinitely wiser than our limited ego.

The aim of dream interpretation is to connect to that living intelligence, so we that we can listen to it.  Like a guide from beyond, it is always there with us, watching and commenting on our lives.

When we are really tapped into that intelligence, it connects with us outside of the dream world in the form of often mind-blowing synchronicity.

Dream Interpretation Imagery

What is dream interpretation?

Dream interpretation is the art of extracting the deeper meaning from your dream symbolism.  If you want to understand the symbolism of your dream, then stay away from typical dream dictionaries. For all intensive purposes, they are reductive and meaningless.

As I hinted earlier, the purpose of dream interpretation is the expansion of your consciousness.  By consciousness, I mean everything that you know about yourself or about life in general.

An authentic dream interpretation will open your mind to new perspectives. It will not tell you something that you already know about yourself.

What Do Dreams Mean?

Far too many people think that dreams are meaningless brain noise, and therefore, also think that there is no value in dream interpretation. This is a common misconception for anyone who hasn’t paid attention to their dreams or studied the human mind and its evolution.

Meaninglessness inhibits the fullness of life and is therefore equivalent to illness. Meaning makes a great many things endurable – perhaps everything.”Carl Jung, Memories, Dreams, and Reflections
The people who believe that dreams are meaningless simply do not understand dreams, and subsequently, project their lack of understanding onto dreams. These people would do far better just to admit that they know nothing about dreams, rather than comment on something about which they know nothing.

I work with dreams on a daily basis and whenever I hear someone say, “I had a dream, but it didn’t mean anything”, it’s very disheartening.  All of our dreams have meaning, no matter how trivial they might seem – even those with only a flash of one image.

Whether your dream is long and drawn out, as in a well-crafted story; chaotic and confused as in a psychedelic trip; or simply a brief flash of an image, there is something you can learn from it.

We have to treat every image as a message from beyond our something or somwhere beyond our ordinary understanding.

Dream Interpretation Imagery

How is dream interpretation beneficial to my life?

Dream Interpretation Imagery

Dream interpretation benefits us in many ways. As I will continue to say, the most important thing to remember about dream interpretation is that dreams show us what we cannot see. Whenever I see typical dream interpretations online, typically this fact is completely lost on people.

What we call a symbol is a term, a name, or even a picture that may be familiar in daily life, yet that possesses specific connotations in addition to its conventional and obvious meaning. It implies something vague, unknown, or hidden from us. Carl Jung, Man and His Symbols
For example, let’s say a person who is jealous and insecure in a relationship has a dream about her partner cheating.  Her dream about cheating isn’t saying, “you fear that your partner will cheat”.  You already have that fear, and are well-aware of it, so the dream doesn’t need to emphasize that.

I see these kinds of literal dream interpretations on almost every dream site.  Snake dreams don’t symbolize treachery and dreams about teeth falling out don’t mean that you’re anxious or stressed.

As I have already said, dreams speak in a symbolic language.  The images in our dreams imply much more than their literal or obvious meaning.  This means that the imagery always has a wider and unconscious aspect.



If you want to understand dream meaning, then you have to understand the symbolism in your dreams.  Please forgive me, but I am going to say it again: You will not gain an understanding of your dream symbolism using online dream dictionaries.

Some of the symbolic imagery in our dreams is personal and other times it is archetypal.  If you have not studied comparative mythology and religion, then you may not recognize the archetypal symbols and patterns in your dreams.  I will to show you how to recognize it and how to properly research it.

Definition of a Symbol

A representation or image which points to something essentially unknown, which when understood, it conveys a living meaning.  It is a bridge between the conscious mind and unconscious psyche.

  1. Organizers and transformers of libido.
  2. States or signifies something more and other than itself which eludes our present knowledge.
  3. Representations of process that seek to become something, as if they want to be integrated.
  4. Has a redeeming effect.  Transforms  symptoms

In every post on this site, I’ll give you as much information about the symbolism as I can.  I also have posts dedicated to common symbols, such as the one I wrote on the symbolism of the snake.

How is Real Dream Interpretation Different from Other Dream Sites?

Dream interpretation is the process of analyzing your dreams.  My goal with this site is to assist and empower you in that process.  I specify real dream interpretation in order to set it apart from what you find on virtually every dream interpretation site: a bad dream dictionary; short and ill-informed blog posts; and forums where people offer up horrific dream interpretations, not only full of their own projections, but also full of misinformation.

Dream Interpretation ImageryDon’t get me wrong about people offering up commentary. I love it when people engage each other about dream interpretation and symbolism.  Feel free to leave dreams and make comments, but be mindful about how you comment.

In case I haven’t made my point clear, dream interpretation dictionaries really drive me crazy.  Reading a simple dream dictionary of symbols is something similar to reading a daily horoscope and expecting to have a revelation about the meaning of your life.

The dream dictionaries out there rarely touch on the deeper meaning of dream symbols. Most of them are copying and pasting from each other, which is a common problem with information we find on the internet.

Everything  you read here is original work, based on my experience in working with dreams.  Even if you have been doing your own dream interpretation for a long time, I think that you’ll find something of interest on this site.

Content Rich Blog Posts

All of the posts are rich in content and give you as much about the symbolism as possible. Whenever possible, I include real dreams from real people. For each dream, I give you the dream interpretation based on the dreamer’s conscious situation and life experience.

As I said above, anytime you read a dream interpretation, you learn how to extract the dream meaning from your own dreams. The idea is not for you to use the same dream meaning, but rather for you to see how the process works. That way, you can find your own meaning.

As you read each post, pay attention to how I derive the meaning of each dream and then try to integrate that meaning into a shift in conscious perspective.

Again, the real aim of dream interpretation is to connect you that mysterious source of intelligence that dwells within you. It is the source and power of all Life and it comes from a dimension that is beyond the realm of ordinary knowledge.