If you have ever wanted to understand the art of real dream interpretation, then you have come to the right place

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What is Dream Interpretation?

If you are new to dream interpretation or want to understand the theory behind it, start here. We'll explore the fundamental questions: How does dream interpretation work?  How can dream interpretation be used in my life? Where do dreams come from? What can we learn from dreams?

Dream Dictionary

To help you engage your dream imagery, we'll give you a brief archetypal background of the most common symbols and patterns that appear in dreams.  You'll also get links to relevant stories and myths, as well as articles and posts about common dream symbols and patterns.

Dream Meanings

Read long-form articles about the most-common dream symbols and patterns. You'll get in-depth information about common dream meanings and how you can relate it to your individual circumstances. These are typically images which hold a lot of potential for your personal transformation.

Dream Interpretation Examples

These are posts written about real dreamers, using real dream examples. See the art of real dream interpretation at work and how you can integrate what you learn into your daily life.

Articles & Posts

Dream interpretation is ultimately about personal development. Here you can read posts and articles about topics relevant to dreams and dream analysis, spiritual living, and personal development. We welcome submissions from anyone who feels inspired to share.

Dream Interpretation Sessions

Personal, one-to-one sessions via Skype. Whether you have one dream you'd really like to explore or several, there is an option for a personal dialogue with an experienced, Jungian dream analyst.

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Real Dream Interpretation Pages

We cover everything you want to know about dream interpretation. We update our site daily with dreams, symbols, insights, and inspiration.

Dream Meanings

In this section we cover various common dream meanings. These posts will highlight dreams about common characters, situations, and imagery.

Dream Dictionary

In our dream dictionary, you can look up common symbols and their archetypal associations. We'll give you links to free resource material, as well as some guidance on how to research your dream images. This is a work in progress, so please be patient while we build up our list.

Dreamy Quotes

Inspirational quotes for daily reflection

Learn Dream Interpretation

In this section  you'll find articles, posts, and infographics on the art of dream interpretation. Learn how to do your own dream analysis. Online courses and webinars coming soon.