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A dream about having a baby can have many different meanings.  Babies appear in the dreams of women of all ages, even those well beyond child-bearing age. They can also appear in men’s dreams. These last two points in particular tell us that dreams of babies are not simply images of the desire to bear children. They are far more than that.

In every adult there lurks a child— an eternal child, something that is always becoming, is never completed, and calls for unceasing care, attention, and education. That is the part of the personality which wants to develop and become whole.Carl Jung
Babies in dreams can be an image of vital qualities forgotten or left behind in our childhood. In times of deep crisis or suffering, baby dreams suggest the possibility of new life ahead of us. A baby can also be an image for a person’s soul, especially those who have suffered trauma or abuse. And as an archetypal symbol, babies are divine images of spiritual rebirth and hope for humanity.

What’s your current mindstate?

As with any dream, the first step to interpreting dreams about babies is to really examine your present life situation, and more importantly, your current state of mind. A baby in a dream is a reaction from the unconscious to something that is happening in your life right now. Many times it is in response to a chaotic situation or a lack of equilibrium in your attitude or direction in life. The dream is an attempt at restoring psychic balance.

This article was supposed to be one article about many different baby dream meanings. In order to give dreams about babies their due justice, I will have to write an article for each one. Dream babies have a lot to say to us.

Baby Dream Meanings

A resolution to a painful inner conflict

C.G. Jung analyzed over 100,000 dreams in his lifetime. What he noticed about the image of the baby in dreams was that it appeared when people were in the throes of a seemingly irresolvable conflict.  The baby dream in this case is the possibility of resolution.

Jung called the image of the child “a uniting symbol with redemptive significance.” First, we are going to look at redemption in psychological terms. By psychological redemption, I mean the possibility of release from an intense personal struggle.

Sometimes we find ourselves in almost unbearable situations where we feel like there is no way out. It could be a job, a place, a state of mind, or a relationship. Whatever the circumstances of the situation are, you have the feeling of being absolutely trapped. You cannot move forward, but yet you know that you cannot stay in the current situation. You alone are powerless to change it.  This situation feels utterly desperate and it can cause us extreme anxiety and depression.

Dream babies: bringers of light

A conflict-situation that offers no way out, the sort of situation that produces the child. They are “bringers of light” and “enlargers of consciousness.Carl Jung
If you have had this dream during this kind of intense conflict in your life, this is your sign of healing and hope for the future. Often in this kind of dream, the baby will captivate your attention. You want to care for it and you know that you have to. You may even wake up with a strange sense of relief.

Again, in this case the child would represent the possibility of a solution. And whatever the solution, it will be one that your conscious mind could never imagine.  My first advice is to trust the feeling that you had in the dream. Believe me, I know that when you are in a state of sheer hopelessness or life-consuming fear, the hardest thing to access in yourself is a sense of trust that you can get out of it. But you can trust the image of that baby.

Your challenge here is to start shifting your attitude and trust the feeling of the dream. It isn’t easy.  This is why we often see the child of mythology born in unusual or dangerous conditions. He or she is often abandoned, left alone to its seemingly imminent doom.

In the myths, someone usually rescues the child.  That rescue is now up to you. Only, you are saving yourself.

Baby Dreams

fear, hopelessness & healing

In every adult there lurks a child–an eternal child, something that is always becoming, is never completed, and calls for unceasing care, attention, and education. That is the part of the personality which wants to develop and become whole. Carl Jung

About 10 years ago, I was caught in the mindtrap of fear and hopelessness. Everything around which I had built my self-concept had crumbled. The family-friendly neighborhood I lived in turned into a drug-lord haven. Two close friends betrayed me. The job I loved was gone. And to add to that, my longtime clients faded away for one reason or another. All of the energy which I had once directed to my life and work, turned inward. I was under attack by inner forces of darkness and despair.

My life felt like a complete mess. We were trapped in an upside down mortgage, living in a deteriorating house and neighborhood, and our finances were in shambles. In my mind, there was no way out of that situation. It was hell. After 8 months of darkness, I had a dream:

The dockside village

I am living by the water in a dock-town. The waters around the docks were rising, threatening to spill over in the houses. I was watching the waters rising toward our lanai and then I realized some commotion.  There were dolphins and whales swimming up to the center dock, which was situated like a sort of “main street” circle.  Some of them were jumping out of the water, others were swimming up to greet onlookers.  Then some tension mounted.  I noticed a shark’s dorsal fin in the water.  The citizens of this water city began to systematically “draw in their forces to action.”

Everyone knew just what to do.  At one point, I saw a neighbor - a woman with snorkeling gear - swim by.  She was headed to a near-by community to get more help.  She came back with a bunch of people.  I had some fear that the shark was going to injure one of the other water animals.  People were jumping in and diving down into the water.  They had a plan that seemed fail proof.  I watched with amazement.

There was little girl, about 2, who rose out of the water.  She had blonde hair.  It was in little, bound braids with beads.  She looked like an “island child.”  My first feeling was worry that she was going to be hurt.  I soon realized that she was fine on her own.  This baby knew exactly where she was and who she was.  She had a big, round belly and looked pregnant.  I said to her, “Are you going to have a baby?”  She said, “yes,” in a tiny voice.

Dreams about babies: interpretation and healing

You can see in the dream imagery the state of my psyche.  The water was rising and getting very close to my home. Water, especially ocean water, is a symbol for the unconscious.  The rising water is symbolic of the possibility of me drowning in the state I was in. A shark fin pops up, again symbolizing danger of being torn apart by forces much stronger than my ego.  If we translate this imagery into psychological language it says: you are in danger being pulled under the water and torn apart by your state of mind.

Now, we look at everything else that is happening around this imagery. My dream ego feels like the waters are receding.  Already this is a sign for me to release the pressure on myself. Everyone in the dream knows what to do and I watch in amazement, as the citizens of this water city began to systematically “draw in their forces to action.”

If we translate this into psychological language it tells me that the forces in my unconscious are taking matters into their hands. Fear not. This is the mobilization of inner forces.

We like to believe that the only way to solve our biggest problems is to take immediate action, but this is just not the truth. Sometimes we have to wait it out. We must bear the seemingly unbearable tension of an uncertain situation.

Interpretation of baby dreams

At the time of this dream, I lived on the Gulf Coast of Florida.  I spent a lot of time on the beach. Seeing dolphins in the water always reminded me that being in the right place at the right time requires attention and awareness.  It is easy to spot a dolphin once, when it shoots out of the water. But to see it again and again, “porpoising” along a path, requires relaxing one’s focus, rather than sharpening it.  The harder you try to see it, the more likely you are to miss it.

For me, this association was crucial. I knew that I had to relax my worry and fear about needing to know what my next step in life was. I had to trust that everything this massive force of energy depicted in the dream. Whatever it was knew exactly what to do.

Now, we see the shift of my attention and a change of action in the dream. I am no longer focused on the chaos. As I allowed the others in the dream to take care of the situation, the child emerged. As Jung says, a “conflict-situation that offers no way out, [is exactly] the sort of situation that produces the child. They are “bringers of light” and “enlargers of consciousness”.

Baby Dreams

integrating the message

In the dream, this baby has now captivated my attention.  Her divine nature is immediate. She rises up out of the water, like some kind of shining jewel. She is colorful and radiant.  Talkative and fine on her own. Even more interesting, she’s pregnant!  A new possibility pregnant with more possibility! Yet another sign of her other-worldliness. Now that I knew that someone was taking care of the situation, I could focus my attention on this new potentiality.

This dream moved me deeply. Now, a new challenge faced me.  I had to find a way to rise up out of the state of anxiety and hopelessness. I had to integrate this dream information into my daily awareness. This is no simple task.  The shark-infested waters can rise up and pull us back in. This is the constant battle of any newly emerging shift in consciousness. It’s also why we see the image of the child in so many dangerous situations throughout myth, fairy tale, and dream imagery.

If you are in this kind of situation and have had a baby dream, now it’s time for you to focus your attention on the child. Remember, this image is an attempt to separate you from the conflict and direct your attention toward the vision of a solution.  You can see this so clearly in my dream image.

Baby Dreams

learning to trust your path

Most of all I want to repeat that it does not matter that we don’t have an actual solution already in mind. If we can trust the image, the solution will show up. I have seen it happen way too many times to count. What we have to do here is hold our attention to the image of the baby. To do this you can draw it, paint it, or print out images and put them on canvas. Make a baby mandala – anything!  Do something that keeps this baby image alive in your awareness. If you don’t, the turmoil of your conflict will suck you right back into it.  Both you and the child will be delivered to the shark-infested waters.

When I started directing my attention toward the future this child implicated, suddenly I had energy. I could see a new light on the horizon.  I had no idea what was in store, but I could feel the shift in my soul. In less than two years, my whole life  entirely changed. We escaped that horrendous house in the crack neighborhood completely unscathed financially. We were able to make our way to a beautiful rental home in the mountains to recover from our experience. And now, I am living in Switzerland doing the work I love and sharing it with you on this site.

I’m not just speaking about dream interpretation theory. I am speaking from my experiences. Let your dreams guide you. Trust what they say and your life will change.

Jesamine Mello
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steve murimi

I had the same dream last night. I was at our apartment with my parents and I was holding this newborn baby wrapped in a pink cloth. We were all looking at the baby with compassion. But the was something rather peculiar in that dream. I had a shift of perspective in that I look at things in relation to money, time especially, and what I was involved in before I was at the apartment… My dad also breathed heavily and I talked him into a check-up. He has hypertension giving the excuse of seeing my doctor even though I… Read more »


Hi, my cat passed away last Saturday, I’m devastated 🙁 on Sunday night (last night) I dreamt that I have a baby, I left him alone in a chair for a very short time and when I was back I took him and tried to breastfeed but he wasn’t taking my breast, so I looked at him and realised it wasn’t my son, it was a doll. Someone took my baby and replaced him for a doll, I was screaming and telling people what happened but no one seems to believe me or help me. Obs: I don’t have any… Read more »

Ju sak

Hi guys my dream was a bit touching my stepmom pass a few mnths ago and in my dream she gave me two two babies and ask me to take care of them in a since I felt she was talking about my twin sister she left behind but she also left behind my 3 brother but there off in school my sperm donar took my sisters from us ….but in the dream the babies name are diff.and look like husband …my sick aunt then came in the picture after we move to another town to meet the babies and… Read more »


hi my name is skylee, I’ve had these dreams of me and this little girl, she looks like me and my boyfriend. Like she’s our own… and the feeling I feel is like it’s real!! The dreams are all different but add up into one whole dream if you was to add all of it into one!.
But one made me cry.. she was mine I had giving birth to her, then she disappeared. And jus so many different ones 🙁 I hope you could help me understand…


Hi Skylee, if you read the post, you should have some understanding of your dream.


I really enjoy your website. I sometimes dream of babies but lately it’s about being with a big group of children – last nights dream, they were in my home – like we were hosting a youth group retreat except with kids of all ages. Someone else might be “in charge” (that was the case last night – and I felt drawn to join in the fun they were having as they decorated and prepared for a parade) and other times/in other dreams it’s me in charge, trying to make sure the kids are ok and their needs are met….sometimes… Read more »


Hello Emmy – groups of people usually indicate a splitting of psychic energy. Without knowing your situation, that’s about all I can say. Sometimes we have to give our attention to many projects, other times it might be that we are spread out in too many places. If you are drawn to work with kids, then this could be an affirmation, telling you that psyche wants to flow in that direction.


Hi Jesmine I am a Male and I had a dream yesterday about me holding a baby who was around 2-3 years of age, firstly the baby looked like me exactly( facial Appearance)… I played with the baby and the baby was happy, we took walks together and on another scenario of the dream with the baby: I was walking with my mother and the baby and we both were holding his hand as we were walking and everywhere I passed people would say this baby looks like me and another person said this baby is my mother’s baby so… Read more »


Did you read this post? You should get a lot from that. If you have any questions about what I have written in regard to your situation, then you can ask that.


Hello Mary, thank you for sharing something so personal. Regrettably, I cannot give you the meaning of this dream without knowing you. I hope you found some help in the post.


Hello there. My situation: I am 36 weeks pregnant with my first child. I am hispanic, 25 years old, and live on a farm with my family. I never thought I would have a child, but was raped last year. Abortion was not an option for multiple reasons. I love my little coconut and am excited to meet her, but also scared about giving birth. Dream #1: I dreamt of having a baby. I felt a very bad pain and was scared. I had it on the farm, but in a ravine and the baby was white. When I had… Read more »

Arpana Shafi

Hello, In my dream there were a community of people that took a baby to his father who was in bed, he turned in bed to then turn away rejecting the baby, I think the community wanted to kill the baby after seeing whether the father rejects the baby or not, (like as if that’s a way). My friends were also there and said I should be there at the front as I am involved. The baby was not mine, but the feeling of everyone rejecting and even considering hurting the baby was very painful to me. Babies face was… Read more »


the baby is most definitely yours. Read the post to learn more.


Good morning Jessamine Last night I had a dream, in the dream I saw myself picking up a lot of coins from the ground, there were people with me who thought I was picking up too much. So they said to be that I should give them but I refused to give them the coins that I picked. It was quite a lot. Current situation. We are a bit down financially. Our finances is not moving smoothly as it use to. My husband use to get money almost weekly but that changed dramatically. I had another dream about a new… Read more »


Hello! I’ve had dreams about babies twice this year, and in both dreams I was the one who rescued the babies from a natural disaster. Actually, in my last dream in which I rescued a baby from drowning, I ended up performing a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on her and ended up saving her life. I had this dream after me and my ex-boyfriend broke up (long distance relationship), which caused a lot of pain to me. It’s been 8 months since we broke up and even though it’s been tough,I can say I moved on and I’ve been dating a guy… Read more »


Hi, I trust you are keeping well. I had a dream last night of holding a new born baby & gently slapping her back to get her to breathe. Nothing happened & I just keep gently slapping not sure if I am doing the right thing. I then realise she is breathing. After this I find myself in the birth canal. It is huge like a tunnel but I feel huge so I fit snug. I see a sheath/covering in front of me & know I have to go through this. I push up against it & it feels very… Read more »


Hi Josie, I think the unconscious has answered you: you are going through the process of rebirth, but it’s still working through at the level of the unconscious. It would seem that whatever it is must have began about 9 months ago. Again, it’s in your unconscious – if you take this dream seriously, you should feel a sense of relief because something is about to “come through”. The initial scene is the you holding the baby girl, then it switches to you in the birth canal. The dream wants to emphasize that you in the one transforming. Now you… Read more »


Wow how amazing reading all of that! Brings so much light. Last night I had a dream of being on my back porch in the dark with friends around and gave birth to a chunky black haired baby once I had the baby everyone was gone but I didn’t even notice while in the dream because I was so sucked into how perfect this little baby was. Iv been looking all morning on reasons behind this dream. My hubs was talking about a baby before bed we don’t want more right now because we already have 2 but I think… Read more »


Right now I’m going through some financial challenges. I have been declined a charge back by my bank. I invested in an online business but the owner of the business was accused of fraud and the company got shut down by FTC in USA. I dreamed I and the person I was with in the dream were on our way to her house. Just as we entered the gate to her house i realised there were two houses in the compound. The other house belonged to my cousin which I wasn’t aware of. She came out and greeted me but… Read more »


Hi Carolyne, thanks for sharing this dream. Who was the “person I was with in the dream”. Someone unknown or known?

Also, read the post on Dreams About Houses in order to get an idea of the psychic atmosphere into which you are stepping.

Make your associations to these dream figures. That is the only way to determine what the dream means.


Hello Jesamine. Thank you for this website! I love reading your work and interpretations of dreams and think you are a wonderful and generous person. I had a dream that I was at my appartment and I had a baby girl, I was happy and she was calm and I was standing with my mother and holding her. the dream continues with me meeting friends and enjoying my time with my husband when I suddenly realized that it has been 2 weeks and I forgot that I had a daugher at all. I felt so ashamed in the dream and… Read more »


Hi Danny, thank you for your thoughtful comment. ? Keep in mind that this dream is about a part of yourself that has been forgotten or left behind. It’s not a statement about your potential as a mother. The good thing here is that your “inner mother” has this child … what you need to realize is that piece of yourself that’s been forgotten.

Work on yourself and let the rest unfold…

Debra Poutsma

Hello Jesamine Dream: I had a dream where I birthed a baby girl. At first she seemed lifeless. I tried to breastfeed her but she was not suckling and she felt cold. I handed the baby to my husband and said “This baby is cold and I think it’s dead” He took the baby from me and he tapped her forehead a couple of times and then she opened her eyes. I noted she had a lot of hair. No-one knew about the birth and I was asking my husband to keep it a secret. The room became warm and… Read more »


Hi Debbie, thanks for sharing your dream and your situation. I will say that I have been in a similar situation. Twenty years ago, during the recession at that time, I went from a high-paying lifestyle to nothing and it was terrifying…but I rose out of those ashes and so will you. This is a good dream and I really like that you and your husband are involved with this child. Tapping the forehead seems to bring her back to life. I would suggest you do some research on both the pineal gland and the symbolism of the third eye.… Read more »


Hi Jesamine Thank you for your prompt reply. Last night I was dreaming I was crying and at the same time thinking “I’m not sure what I’m crying about” This morning I read your reply and your words pierced me to my core. It felt like I was absorbing the words and even my cells were listening. I started to cry-hard! whilst reading your reply and at the same time wondering why I was. I’m amazed at my response. Do you think I might of realsed some fear? I will certainly investigate the other components to the dream. Thank you… Read more »


Hi Jesamine, My aunt dreamt I had a baby girl about a week ago and now my younger sister dreamt I had a baby boy and he was crying much, I was trying to put him to sleep but I wasn’t succeeding at and she offered to hold him, try to put him to sleep and as soon as she held him he put his cheeck on her chest like looking for the boob and fell asleep.I asked her if I was happy having the boy in the dream and she said I wasn’t, Two baby dreams in 10 days… Read more »

Analeesa Basaari

Apologies for the double post! I’ve added some detail about what’s happening in my life at the moment. Hi Jesamine, over two different nights of this last week I’ve been dreaming about toddlers and babies. It started with a dream in which someone with whom I was very close to for 30 years (like a sister and I was the only bridesmaid at her wedding), was telling me how difficult things had been and how a lot had changed in a slightly weary voice full of resignation. We have had no contact for around 7 years and during this time… Read more »


Hello Analeesa, thanks for sharing this beautiful dream. The information you left is a perfect illustration of what happens when something in your psyche starts shifting. Whereas at first, you were caught up in the energy of the memories, what we’d call identification, now you can look at them objectively. You can see this process in the dream: your old friend is a shadow aspect of yourself, a part of yourself that you should get back in touch with. Apparently, that part of yourself has separated from an old inner masculine, perhaps a mindset that held you back from life?… Read more »

Analeesa Basaari

Thanks so much for your insightful and intriguing replying, your site is rich with information and insight and I will be reading it voraciously! All the best to you.
Ana x


with pleasure…?

Debra Howe

In my dream, I am 55, well past child bearing age. I am pregnant, always holding my growing belly with fear something would happen to the baby. I remember reaching down and seeing the tiny baby head stretch outward and as Inheld it the baby looked towards me and I could see the outline of its face. A woman standing near me touched the head and the skin around the baby’s head gently split open to reveal a sleeping baby’s face. The baby’s whole body emerged as I held it screaming for help. I held the tiny baby with the… Read more »


I came to the site today to understand my dream of being in house or apartment where it was crowded and chaotic. Not a very nice house. Suddenly I became aware that my toddler was on a dock outside with no protection from falling into the water. The water was rising. I panicked and quickly ran there and saw him with a stick, about to put the stick in the water to play with it. I realized then that I could get there in time to protect him. The interpretation you write is so helpful to understand my current situation… Read more »


Beautiful Liz! Thank you so much for sharing your insights. ??? I am very happy to see how you integrated what I have posted.


I dreamed that I was looking out of the kitchen window, there was like a little makeshift roof and under the roof I noticed although everywhere around was wet, it was dry under this little roof, then I noticed a baby sat there, I knew I had to go out and bring her into the house, I went out, and I noticed she was shivering a little and she had dirty nostrils as babies have sometimes when they have a cold. She saw me, smiled and started to crawl toward me. I woke up, but the image of this baby… Read more »

Assunta Lucy

In my dream, I had an unexpected baby. She had brown hair with highlights and dark chocolate eyes; which is odd since I am past baby having age and my three children were all blonde and blue eyes. The same day of having her, I walked back in to the room and she was sitting in something like a car seat and said, “hi mommy. i missed you.” I was impressed she could speak but decided I was still going to work tomorrow.


wow. What a wonderful dream. I would advise you to read the post, or, read it again if you have already read it. I say this because your comments regarding you being past baby having age and the color of her hair. If you had read the post carefully, I don’t think you would make such comments. I would love to hear about how the post helps you work with this dream.


Hello Jesamine, I had a dream the other night that I had had a baby. ( I’m almost past childbearing age). I have not seen the baby yet, and I’m lying in the hospital bed. My husband is in the room and looks happy. I’m sharing this room with another woman who’s also had a baby. She’s holding this beautiful baby in her arms. The baby is has a perfectly round, large head and blue eyes. He’s nursing and she’s looking at him. I’m thinking, as I look at this baby whether my baby will be able to latch on… Read more »