What does it mean when a man dreams that he is pregnant?

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Today, let’s talk about pregnancy dreams in men.  There must be something in the air amongst you men!  Lately, I have had several men ask me, “What does it mean when a man dreams he’s pregnant?”

<—  Yeah, that’s pretty much the look on their faces when they ask me because when a man dreams he’s pregnant, it can make him feel weird.

Don’t worry guys. Pregnancy dreams in men are actually pregnant with psychological meaning. They are expressing something very positive about your potential.

And as I told those brave men who’ve admitted that they had such a dream, it’s is not a strange dream at all.

Pregnancy dreams in men are only strange when you look at them literally.  Men do have pregnancy dreams and that is just a fact of dream life.

As with all of our dreams, when a man dreams he’s pregnant it is symbolic.  As I just said, the dream is making a statement about the man’s psychic state, and in particular, it is a statement about his potential to conceive something and bring it into life.

Later in the post, I will differentiate between a man who dreams of a woman being pregnant and a man who dreams that he himself is pregnant, but first the good stuff – the man who dreams he’s pregnant.

Pregnancy Dreams in Men: the general meaning

Pregnant male seahorse (yes, it’s true – curious?)

In the first place, the dream symbolizes everything that any pregnancy dream would symbolize.  Here’s the gist of what I already covered in the post on pregnancy dreams:

In the most basic terms, pregnancy dreams can mean that it’s time for you to re-imagine your life and have some confidence in your potential.

In a sense pregnancy dreams mean that you are pregnant with possibility for your future. These dreams are often precursors to dreams about babies.

The dream reveals that something in you is in a state of gestation. The question is, “what is it?”

  • It could be something concrete, such as a business venture or a creative project.
  • A pregnancy dream could also refer to a change of your psychological attitude.
  • And finally, a dream about being pregnant could be a sign of imminent spiritual awakening.

Pregnancy dreams signal that something is in incubation. What is it? You may or may not know the answer immediately, but you can trust the dream image – especially if it comes after a time of barrenness, so to speak.

The dream image says, “Something is in the works.” Now, you should pay attention for clues about what that something is. For example,

What have you been thinking about lately? 

Has some passion caught your attention? 

What does your heart want to do?

So guys, when you are reflecting on these questions, especially those last two, I am not talking about an object of your affection, i.e., a lover.  If perchance you do find yourself strangely attracted to someone, then try to see even that symbolically.

Strange attractions are projections, which means the unconscious transfer of our subjective contents onto someone or something else.  Whenever you feel an uncanny attraction to someone, try to see what this person symbolizes for you.

Pregnancy Dreams in Men: Dream Example and Interpretation

Here’s a simple example of a man who dreamed he was pregnant:

I dreamed that I was pregnant and I was very excited about it.

Pregnancy dreams in men | when a man dreams he's pregnantIn addition to the fact of the dream – the man is pregnant – we have a very important emotional factor to work with:  his excitement about the pregnancy.  This emotional excitement is a statement about his current psychic atmosphere, from the point of view of the unconscious.

Any time you feel emotional in a dream, start your dream interpretation with that emotion.  It gives you something to work with.  Follow that by determining the type of dream it is, as I talked about in the intro post on Deciphering Dream Meaning.

As I told the dreamer, he himself may or may not be aware of this excitement.  This may sound strange at first – the idea that you might not be aware of your own excitement.  But the psychological fact is that we often go through life on autopilot, acting out of habit and missing out on the all of the nuance that life offers.

And because of this, sometimes our dream self feels something that our conscious self does not yet feel.  If you continue reading posts on this site, you’ll start to get the idea of what means.  As Jung said time and time again, the unconscious registers everything. The conscious mind registers very little in comparison.

Dreams give you the point of view of the unconscious. Remember, with your dream interpretation, you are building a bridge between the unconscious and consciousness.  You are adding something new to your current perspective.

You can read more about what that means here.

Pregnancy Dreams in Men:  Working with the Emotion of the Dream

If you are a man who’s had a pregnancy dream and you too felt this kind of excitement, then you need to tap into the energy of that excitement, for the emotional factor in the dream is the transformative element.

How does it feel to be pregnant?  Here, we’re not talking here about the idea of the baby, but rather only the pure sensation and feeling of the excitement.  There should be a feeling tone to it.

Once you can describe that feeling of excitement, then you see if you experience this same feeling somewhere in your life.  If it’s not there yet, watch for it …

When you feel that same sense of excitement about some possibility for yourself, you know to pay attention.  This is what I love about dream work.  It forces you to become conscious of yourself and to pay attention to your life.

Pregnancy Dreams in Men:  Considerations

As I have already said, this possibility does not have to be concrete.

  • new potential, however in an early nascent state
    • a project or emerging idea
  • you are pregnant with possibility for your future
  • something in you is in a state of gestation
    • this can be a psychological shift
    • a new venture
    • spiritual awakening

Don’t let the lack of concreteness diminish the value of this dream’s message. Every extraordinary accomplishment starts with an idea.  And MANY an extraordinary idea began with nothing more than a shift in mindstate – that gut feeling that something is coming.

When a man dream’s he’s pregnant, the dream says: something is coming.

Carrying that something to full term is up to you.

Pregnancy Dreams in Men:  What’s in your future?

Pregnancy dreams in men | when a man dreams he's pregnantAny dream symbolizes an underlying (unconscious) psychic process. An underlying unconscious process is all of that stuff that stirs beneath the surface of consciousness.

We can sense these undercurrents as unexplained emotions or moods, as an intuitive sense that something is about to shift in our lives, or as a feeling longing for change. If you are a man who has had a dream about being pregnant and have experienced the manifestations of this psychic undercurrent, then your pregnancy dream is likely speaking to that.

That a man has such a dream also says that he himself is capable of carrying this potential on his own – as a man. That is, he’s not dreaming about a pregnant woman, in which case his inner feminine carries the potential for him. In this dream the masculine side himself is capable of nurturing something – of bringing something into his life.

This says a lot about the depth and dimension of this man’s personality. He is capable of relatedness at a very deep level.

Pregnancy dreams are often the precursors to dreams about babies, which would take this potential into a new stage of development.

I always advise people to go back the number of months you are pregnant in the dream and see if there was some idea or sense of longing floating around.

Pregnancy Dreams in Men:  Dreams of carrying a baby girl

Now, what about a man who dreams he’s pregnant with a baby girl?  In this case, the dreamer knows this child is a girl, so the next symbol to explore is what do females, and in particular, what do “prenatal baby girls”, symbolize in men’s dreams?

In general, when men dream of females, they get a glimpse their inner feminine.  A man’s inner feminine is the contrasexual – and most often unconscious – dimension of his personality.  A man’s inner feminine is what C.G. Jung called the anima, who often makes her appearance in men’s dreams in the form of a child.

Pregnancy Dreams in Men:  The Inner Feminine of Men

I have said before that many of the concepts I talk about on the site, in this case the idea of a man’s inner feminine, can sound somewhat abstract. Keep in mind that I am speaking about “gender energy” and not in terms of men and women per se.  This is a way to describe the different ways that psychic energy  manifests itself in dreams and visions.

In a man, the anima represents the feminine components of his personality. She is essentially an embodiment of the traits which are typically feminine in nature: receptivity versus activity, intuition versus rationality, emotion and feeling versus logic and reason.  In addition, the instinctual woman tends to be conditioned by the principle of union and relationship versus separation and discrimination.

She is behind all of this gut feelings, productive hunches, and unusual insights.

We could also say that the anima represents all of the aspects of the man’s unredeemed or undeveloped self. By unredeemed or undeveloped I mean, the anima is everything which he has left behind during the development of his masculinity. (To be sure, some men can be unconsciously over-identified with the feminine, and thus, need to develop their masculinity.)

I said earlier that I wanted to distinguish between a man who dreams a woman is pregnant and a man who dreams he’s pregnant with the child. If a man dreams that a woman is pregnant, it more like shows that his inner feminine carries this emerging element of his personality.  But when a man dreams he’s pregnant, I see this as a potentially more developed man.

I have two ideas about the man who has such a dream:

1.   He is so unrelated to his inner feminine that the unconscious produces a shocking image that tells him, “You too have this inner feminine in you!” 

Perhaps the proverbial “man’s man” would have this dream – if he’s lucky.

2.  The man is already deeply related to his inner feminine, and therefore, he has the capacity to carry this unborn child for himself.

In this case, I would venture that some new aspect of his inner feminine is symbolized by this unborn child.  So, he’d have to explore what I have said about the inner feminine and see if he can discover what that might be.

As always, my advice is to watch for the development of the feminine in dreams.

Pregnancy Dreams in Men:  Dream Interpretation

Let’s take the case of the man who dreams he’s pregnant with the girl child.  The first questions we would explore would be the following:

  • What is your relationship to women in general?
  • How are you related to your inner feminine?
  • How did you feel about this pregnancy?
    • As I said earlier, the emotional element of a dream is key.  If you have an emotional response to it, then tap into that feeling.
    • See if you are feeling this way about anything in your waking life
    • Is something new stirring in you?
    • If you were repulsed, then that’s a sign that you are rejecting something about yourself.

A man’s inner feminine is not figment of his imagination or a thought-construct. She is a self-existing reality – a living dimension in a man’s inner world, and when she stirs, men can feel it.

The stirring of a man’s inner feminine can be experienced as an unexplained emotional disturbance, an inspiration to do something with his life, a nascent passion for a new direction in life, or maybe even an intuitive solution to a problem.

In terms of the inspiration – the proverbial femme inspiratrice, so to speak – this prenatal child could be felt as a vague urge or longing to do something in one’s life. Maybe a man feels a looming sense of adventure looming, or perhaps a vague discontent.

The overall feeling is an urge for some kind of change in life, whether it is in the form of creative expression or the need for adventure. The image of this pregnancy could symbolize that.

So if a man is feeling those underlying stirrings to action, he would need to wait. Let it gestate so to speak until some sign manifests that points him in a particular direction.

Whatever is happening in this man is very delicate. It should be nurtured if he wants to bring it into life.



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I had a dream of myself being pregnant and i was due to give birth in two days..i could feel the baby kick in my belly was very excited as well.


I had a dream that my girlfriend was 10 months old pregnant and she was trying to complain to me that she doesn’t know what is going on that she should have giving birth by now

Please help me with the meaning
God bless


I am a man I had a dream that I was pregnant with no big belly but at the hospital getting ready to deliver, and I was scared but sat on the chair ready to deliver. There were two guys that I dont know who seemed to be okay with the fact that I am a pregnant man ready to deliver. For some reason, even though I was leaning on the thing ready to deliver through my anus with my legs open, for some reason I left the hospital before delivering as I was kind of scared that this is… Read more »


My question is what does it mean when dreaming another man says to you I’m pregnant and that pregnant is yours


This would be your shadow carrying the child. That’s a pretty deep process. Figure out what that shadow means and there you will find your new life.

Vincent Louis C

Hi mam, Iam a 21 year old male and i dreamt about being pregnant. This is how it went. Firstly I was in hospital (which is by the way the old church in my hometown which is built into new one 1 year back) with my father sitting near me saying that “today is your delivery day”. There was no big belly but somehow I know iam pregnant but i was shocked hearing that it was my delivery day. The date was march 3. And I asked my father that I eat fully in the morning whether it may affect… Read more »


Thank you for your post. I dreamt last night I was nine months pregnant and the birth was imminent. I was very calm and my mother and sisters were there to support me through the birth. The thought of loosing the baby sort of dampened my excitement of the birth but I knew that baby had good karma to be born and that stopped me worrying about the birth… it was an exhilarating dream and a successive night of many lucid poignant dreams. I would value your thoughts Jesamine


Hi there, thanks for sharing. You have all of my thoughts in this post!



Thx a lot for your post. I was pursuing Jung for almost two year now. I had a dream of an early stage pregnancy, I was frightened, looking for pills to get red of it! I couldn’t imagine my ability to physical body changes for 9 months!
I am aware of my feminine side, especially the desire of appearing in woman dress!
Would love to hear what do you think? Many thx


Hi there, wanting to get rid of the baby … I don’t like this image. Wanting to wear women’s clothes could be that you are identified with your inner feminine in those times. Without knowing you, I cannot say too much because you have given no details. The idea is to relate to her, not identify with her.


Last night I dreamt that I was cloning and growing plants/houses with modified DNA markers, after I was doing this I noticed I my self was pregnant maybe 6months. I wanted to run my own experiment using my unborn child’s DNA markers, I remember removing a like stomach cradle that was supporting my unborn child because inbeded in the bindings was the DNA code. When I took of the cradle and it was just my stomach holding the baby it was a feeling protection and nurturing, I remember speaking to my step dad who was there about her and her… Read more »


Last night I dreamt that I was pregnant, despite being a man in waking life. However in this dream, I was also a woman, at least in terms of my overall appearance. I had breasts and a feminine body, a high-pitched feminine voice, and I behaved as a woman and was likewise treated in kind by others. I, however, still had male genitals. The “father” of the child was my ex-girlfriend, who I have been working towards reconciling with in waking life. Her presence was absent throughout the entirety of the dream. Though I knew nothing about this child-to-be, either… Read more »


Wow. This dream has some disturbing imagery. Given that you have offered the information, I cannot help but ask you to consider your reconciliation with your ex. If she is in any way, “not good for you”, then this dream might speak to that. Dreams give you insight into your current unconscious situation. If it is not about your ex, then something is clearly off in your life. That you are a woman with male genitalia could say that you are identified with your inner feminine – and not in a good way. I hope you take this dream seriously.… Read more »


I just woke up from a dream where I was pregnant with a baby girl. I wasn’t scared. My wife was there, and we both already knew it was a girl, like we had been told beforehand. I was talking about this in the dream with a neighbor girl who doesn’t exist in real life. She was also pregnant. She and her spouse asked how it was possible. I said the doctor said it’s not uncommon. She asked if I wanted a boy or a girl. I said either would be fine, but knew it was a girl. Then I… Read more »


Hey John, thank you for sharing the dream. Did you read the article? I think I covered most of the bases possibility, at least in general terms. If you want to talk about this dream and really dig into it, feel free to contact me via my sessions page.


I had a dream that i actually became pregnant by a guy – 2 times in one dream. And i gave births to 2 boys. But the pregnancy was couple of months not 9… It was strange because i kinda liked it and i didn’t feel weird at all and my mom was helping me with the whole pregnancy and also giving birth to the second child. What do you guys think about this?


Hi, I dreamt last night that I was pregnant and felt pain and at the same time the bump felt heavy in my dream. There was no indication of how many months I was pregnant and gender of the baby. I am a married man and my wife and I have been trying to get pregnant. We have had 3 miscarriages, the first one was conceived naturally, while the other 2 miscarriages were conceived through fertility. I have been married for 5 years and counting, recently I have quit my work for 2 months now and had taken a personal… Read more »


As a biological male who identifies as genderfluid, to have a dream of being pregnant (whether I’m male or female in the dream) represents an urge to express ones’ self as a woman at times, and my dreams exhibited a soul who has a female identity. I had many dreams of being pregnant with the large protruding belly, to feel an unborn child I long for to move rapidly and strongly, and to have family and friends gather around me to feel my belly to wish me and the baby best of luck. The most recent one I’ve had back… Read more »


It could be a combination of a desire for (more) children (I’m a husband and father of 3)…and our new house I moved in a year ago in early Dec. To expand, plan ahead for a prize and to wait so long to get to my goal. 15 pound babies are above average weight for newborns too, I’m expecting a very big reward. And to enjoy the dream, it’s something I’m going to enjoy. It’s 2 weeks until Christmas anyway and the world’s looking forward to a new year/decade/age. +


First of all, I want to thank you for the article itself, I enjoyed every word until the end. Today I woke up from a beautiful dream. I dreamed I was pregnant (I’ve had this kind of dream before, but nothing like this one) and I remember feeling excited, emotional… very happy. And in the dream I was only a few weeks pregnant and I went to visit my sister to tell her the news (my sister is older than me and she’s always said that I’ve been her guardian angel because I’d always take care of her since we… Read more »


Hello! So I am a guy and I was pregnant in my dream… I am one who is very big on dream interpretation and I also am very much in touch with my “spiritual” side you could say (tarot cards, spells, Crystal’s, etc…). So I read the entire post and I can see the different ways my pregnancy dream could be interpreted, however I have had this dream more than once. I know that I was feeling excited about my pregnancy and I was even rubbing the baby in my stomach and I could feel it moving. I was in… Read more »


Late response back to you I apologize. I am not a nurse in the nature of my job. I once was a CNA years ago but not anymore. But in perspective of a “nurse” I’ve always spent my life wanting to care for others and putting their happiness before mine so I can see that part of it. I unfortunately dont know the sex of the child. Hard to explain this but, I once would have had a child, a boy, but it was a still birth. This was back in 2009. I’ve always thought that was linked to my… Read more »


Hey there, Jesamine, first of all, beautiful post you’ve written here. Second of all, I tried to find the answer to my question but is not here, so I dreamt that I was pregnant but I can’t remember much, but I didn’t feel anything about it, I was more confused than excited, and at the end of the dream, somebody told me to puke cause the baby is coming, I would love to hear your opinion about it, thanks!

Juana Francis

I am currently 31 weeks pregnant and my husband dreamt that I impregnated him too. I dont know what could that mean.


Hi I’m a man and I dreamed I was pregnant and was happy about it, however towards the end of the dream the bump never got any bigger and started to shrink, I then became tearful in the dream that I’d lost the child. I went to hospital to check it out but just as it was to revealed what had happened to the child I woke up. Can you shed any light on this please. Thanks


Yes I’m wondering if it has something to do with me starting therapy for anxiety I’ve been struggling with, could this be the psychological shift and new spiritual awakening you speak of? As I feel I’m moving in a positive direction


Hey… I dreamt when I was pregnant but actually wasn’t feeling any pain and neither was my stomach big and when I went to hospital for the first time I was just put on drips and I didn’t see the babe so came back the second time and it showed that I was 34 months pregnant late on some old highschool friends came and made fun of me that the girl I love had made me pregnant so I moved out and left the hospital…


Hi there,

I recently had a dream that my old classmate and old friend, a male was kind of pregnant. His breasts were swollen and protruding like a pregnant woman even though he is a man. I am a man too. Please What does this dream symbolizes or means?

Thank you.

Laura Bunting

My husband dreamt that I was pregnant with a baby girl and even had thought of a name for her. What does this mean please?


Hi there, I had a dream last night that I saw my wife was carry a girl child and I saw my stomach had baby girl too 7.2 weeks . The doctor tested both is and told about my due date. Both when delivered gave birth to 7 child’s each and were in separate baskets. We carried a single baby which looks like my daughter today . Later the doctor have clean after I pooped a ton followed by doctor cleaning my stomach with water. I woke up “what?”