Dreams about strangers: Unknown lovers, friends, and foes in our dreams

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Dreams about Strangers: By Zacarias Pereira da Mata Royalty-free stock photo ID: 415185607 Blurred mysterious people walking in a weird backgroundPeople from all over the world have asked me, Why do I have dreams about strangers? Sometimes strangers in our dreams knock on the door.  Other times they break into our house or peer through the windows. We have dreams about strangers being our secret lovers, our best friends, or even our mortal enemies.

Do we make them up? Are they people we have seen, but don’t remember? Will I meet this person in my future?

These are the questions about dream interpretation that I answer almost daily. The answer to the first question is easy.  No, we do not make them up; our psyche makes them up. That’s what the psyche does: it creates images of our inner psychic processes. By psychic processes, I  mean our thoughts, emotions, feelings, and dreams. A psychic process is anything that happens in our mind at both the conscious and unconscious levels.

Dreams about Strangers: Reflections of ourselves

Dreams about Strangers - Surrealism. Figure of man with weird demonic eyes on his skin stands before vivid universe. 3D rendering. Some elements provided courtesy of NASA.

The people in our dreams are reflections of our unconscious life – a life that demands to be recognized and lived.  By this I mean these strangers in our dreams are actually images for the unknown – the strange – parts of our own personalities.

This is actually true for most of the figures in our dream world.  In dreams, our friends and lovers, our adversaries and family members – all of them are aspects of ourselves.  Don’t get me wrong here. I say most because sometimes dreams do reveal something about the people we know. We’ll cover that in another post. For now, keep in mind that those dreams are not as common.

As I said, strangers in dreams are inner, psychic figures, not actual figures from so-called real life. I always appreciate these dreams because I know they are truly showing me something about an unseen side of myself.

Dreams about strangers: Shadow aspects of our personalities

Dreams about Strangers By Illustration Forest Royalty-free stock illustration ID: 336346256 Shadow of a men. Dark human nature abstract concept illustration.The unknown people in our dreams are shadow figures.  Generally speaking, when we talk about the shadow in Jungian analysis, we mean something of which we are unconscious.  I don’t want to differentiate any further than that here because right now, we’re speaking in generalities. I’ll get into more detail about differentiating the unconscious figures in other articles.

Shadow figures can represent everything we have rejected, denied, or never knew about ourselves. The idea is to get a feel for these unknown figures: what are they doing? How are they acting? Do you admire or despise them?

The more viscerally these dream strangers affect you, the better you should get to know them – otherwise, they will act out in your life autonomously.  For example, you’ll say or do the very thing you wish to avoid.  This is the nature of the unconscious.  People who have no awareness of their unconscious leave a sort of dirty trail behind them, one which everyone sees except them.

Once you get to know the qualities of these unknown dream figures, you have to find a way to integrate that information that into your conscious life.  As Jung used to say, “we have to find a way let our shadows live” rather than push them away (obviously he meant without succumbing to deranged behavior).

Dreams about strangers: Meeting our shadow personality in dreams

C.G. Jung writes extensively about the shadow throughout the Collected Works, but if I had to recommend some starter books, I’d go with Man and His Symbols and Volume 7 of the Collected Works, Two Essays in Analytical Psychology.  Both of them are approachable.   The shadow is that part of our personality that includes everything we have rejected or denied about ourselves. Remember, that what we reject or deny can include both our light and dark sides. Here’s a funny dream about meeting my own shadow.

Dreams about strangers: our shadow personalities

I was at a bookstore in an office talking to a blonde woman sitting behind a desk.  She was a manager of some sort, some kind of salesperson. She did not have an authentic personality, she was a persona.

Everything she said sounded like a “pitch.” And even though I did not like her, I felt compelled to impress her. It was like I needed her to be impressed by me. Then I said, “you know, I was actually going to apply for a job here,” even though working for her was the last thing I wanted to do. And when I said that she said, “you know I was thinking, you look like you really need a new bed. Let me just show you these beds.”

She pulled out an invoice on a clipboard and showed me a bed that was $3500. And she said in a smarmy voice, “I really think it’s time you got yourself a better bed.” And I said to her, “you know, I have been saying the same thing. And this time, I am going to spend the money on a good bed.”

Revelation of my own shadow in dreams

Dreams about Strangers By Christopher Brewer Royalty-free stock vector ID: 91739789 Vintage Retro Clip Art Woman Advertisement 1This strange woman in my dream immediately impressed me, but not in a good way.  I felt that she was manipulating me, so I thought to myself: am I really like this somehow? Within 10 days, I heard her voice coming right out of my own mouth! I’ll never forget it.

Long before we discovered Nespresso machines, my husband and I used to have separate coffee pots because of how we each liked our coffee. Every night, I would clean mine out and get it ready for the next morning. I loved getting up to my coffee pot ready to go. My husband, however, left his overnight and got up every morning and did it. For some silly reason, this really bothered me.

One night before I bed I said, “wouldn’t it be nice to wake up every morning to a ready-made coffee pot?”  He looked up at me with this, “get out of my business” kind of look and suddenly I heard that annoying woman from dreams!  I realized that there was a certain way that I spoke to my husband whenever I wanted him to do something that *I* thought he should do.  I literally broke down laughing in that moment, telling my husband the whole story.

Needless to say, I think twice before I offer my unsolicited opinion to ANYONE.

Dreams about strangers: Who are those mysterious new best friends?

Dreams about having close friends who are not people we know in the real world are very special dreams. These inner people are also unrecognized or undeveloped aspects of your own personality – a shadow personality of a different sort than our not-so-pretty sides.  Our best friends in dreams are what I call our inner gold.

Dreams about Strangers: By agsandrew Royalty-free stock illustration ID: 241301026 Colors of the Mind series. Artistic abstraction composed of elements of human face, and colorful abstract shapes on the subject of mind, reason, thought, emotion and spiritualityBelieve it or not, our ego is far more resistant to seeing its beauty than to seeing its unsightliness.

Unknown best friends will appear in our dreams as people whose character we admire, people we think are cooler than we are. They are the people that we want to be like. Our best friends in dreams can even appear as celebrities, most especially in the dreams of those who have too low of a self-image.

Now, if you can get a feel for these characters, then you can get feel for what qualities are missing from your psychic economy, so to speak. The feeling of happiness and belonging that we feel with such inner figures is the feeling we would have living in our own skin, if we can only recognize and integrate their qualities as our own. We can also discover our missing qualities in the people we are attracted to, whether they are lovers, friends, or mentors.

Anytime you feel an uncanny attraction to someone, whether in the dream world or external world, recognize that some undeveloped or unseen quality in yourself wants to be realized in your life.

Dreams about strangers: Inner enemies

Dreams about strangers: home invasion

A group of people came into my home.  There were a couple of small, dark haired women and several men.  One of the men was a very tall, black man infamous for cruelty.

These people had come in as “captors”.  They had overpowered me psychologically and were telling me all of the things they were going to do to torture and rape me.  They were pushing me around physically also.  I feared the black man in particular. Everyone had warned me against messing with him.

At one point, the two women had me on a rope/chain.  They were pulling me around the back yard.  They were being mouthy.  I felt afraid.  All of the sudden, I realized that submitting to them was pointless because they were going to have their way with me no matter what.  I realized that I knew martial arts and could easily overpower both of these women at the same time, while on the rope.  So, I did.  I beat them up.  Nothing happened.  They did not even fight back.  I thought surely that I’d pay for that.  But, afterward, each of the men was nice to me.  My best friend from college (a man) showed up at the end. I was happy to see him.

Dream interpretation: Dreams about strangers and home invasion

Dreams about people breaking into our house and overpowering us are very common. The symbol of the house in your dream represents the whole situation of your life, both your conscious and unconscious life.

To dream of someone breaking into your home is to see the kind of forces that autonomously break into your mind, for example obsessive thoughts or fears.

When you have these dreams about strangers breaking into your home, take a careful look at dream figures. Are they helpful or harmful? Try to see them in light of your conscious situation.

Let’s take a look at how to interpret the dream I just shared with you.

The dreamer’s situation

This is the dream of a 43 year-old woman who was about one year into analysis. She suffered from anxiety and depression fueled by self doubt and self loathing. In addition to that, she experienced night terrors – attacks in the middle of the night with horrible thoughts about her own worthlessness.

Dreams about Strangers: Royalty-free stock vector ID: 573523534 Pop art style comics panel angry woman grinding teeth with speech bubble and swear words symbols vector poster design illustrationThe family dynamic in which she had grown up was one of abuse and estrangement. In particular, the women in her family were cold and uncaring.  As the black sheep of the family, she received all of their negative projections: she was always the bad one, the odd one, the bitchy one. She was always left out of family holiday celebrations and vacations.

Women who have grown up around cold, bitchy women tend suffer in their relationships with women. They draw into their lives, women who are just like their family members: jealous, petty women who betray and mistreat them in various ways.  I am very sad to say that women betraying each other is the source of many a woman’s suffering.

Dreams about strangers and home invasions: the symbols

By the time of this dream,  the woman was realizing that she had a group of women friends who put enormous pressure on her, constantly calling her friendship into question, burdening her with their obligations, talking behind her back, and constantly making snide comments to her. In short, the women she called friends were exactly like the women in her family.

Dreams about strangers: y Moopixel Royalty-free stock photo ID: 631187453 Silhouette image of a businessman with broken chains in sunset.In particular, the dream focuses on the two women who have her in chains. This image is her problem not only with the women in her life, but in particular, also her problem with the feminine in herself. Her doubts and insecurities about being in the world are bound to these two women in the dream.

When she realizes that she knows martial arts, she used it against these women in her dreams.  Martial arts was a symbol for psychic self-defense. Not only did she beat up those horrible women, she also wrapped them in the chains and beat them into a pulp.

Similar to dreams about death, this is symbolic image for overcoming a powerful complex in her psyche. She broke up all of the energy that had been bound in that complex. Anytime we so something like this, all of that freed up energy flows back into us.

And notice what happens when after she did this? The mysterious black man’s behavior changes, and then an old friend enters. He was a source of power for the dreamer, but he would not be in her service until she took care of those nasty inner voices. Again, this is an image for a powerful shift in her consciousness.  Her night terrors began to subside, and naturally, she broke the chains of unhealthy relationships with women.

Dreams about strangers: Drinking at a bar with a stranger

Strangers in Dreams | By Jacob Lund Royalty-free stock photo ID: 132825290 Barman pouring wine from shaker and serving itThis is another a common image in women’s dreams: drinking at a bar with a stranger. If you are a man, you can work out how to apply it to your own dreams.

What I like about a bar is that while it’s a public place, when you can sit with another person, deeply engaged in conversation.  A bar can actually be quite intimate.

So, the image suggests the possibility of an intimate, but public connection. Now you have to figure out what this could mean for you. He is an unknown factor in yourself.

Now, let’s look at drinking. Wine, as well as any type of alcohol, represents the fiery aspect of water.  By that I mean, alcohol is symbolic of the spirit of emotion – a fiery passion in life.  In these dreams, you share the spirit of life with this man.

In a woman, a male figure in a dream often represents her ability to step into the world and take her place in it.  So, what was he like? Could you get a feel for him. Was he an artist or a business man? Those are just loose examples. When she’s connected with that quality in herself, then she can stand on her own in the world. She feels a spirited passion for her life and her work in it that is unrelated to any external relationship. She is solely herself and fulfilled.

Dreams about strangers: drinks with unknown people

I am with a man who is a struggling artist. We are sitting at a bar, having drink. He is lamenting that he cannot stay connected to his “muse”. Then I am in a 70s memorabilia store. I see a stack of David Bowie posters, in the old glowing black light style.  One of them says, “Fame” – from his same-titled song. I buy it and roll it up and give it him. I say, “anytime you feel disconnected from the Source, unroll this and look at it.”

This was the dream of an artistic woman who had lost contact with her muse.

This inner figure is really the soulmate for whom a woman seeks. It’s an inner union. It’s the symbolic marriage to prince charming at the end of the fairy tale.

Any woman connected to that inner other is virtually unbreakable. That doesn’t mean that she does not experience suffering – only that suffering does not break her; and therefore, she is unafraid of it.

However, too many women get caught up in thinking their soulmate is someone out there. Not that there aren’t many soulmates out there – but the one is within.

If you cannot see this man in your dream could indicate that you haven’t made a solid connection to that place in yourself yet. However, the dream is a good sign that you’ve at least made contact. Maybe you are considering taking some action in the world. If so, this would be a good sign that you headed in the right direction.

That you and he are sharing this moment in a public place is another good indication that your connection will establish your seat “out there – in life”.

The Unknown Lover in dreams

The encounter with the unknown lover is a common theme in women. What I have seen most often, both in myself and in the women I have worked with is that this kind of dream encounter is about becoming one within yourself. Sometimes we long for a partner who will fulfill what’s missing and think that “becoming one” is finding that soul-mate who makes us whole. But the real prince charming is within.

The dream image tells you that what you long for, what you are missing, is within you. This is why you have always known him and why you miss it. Even in fairy tales you see the prince and heroine get together after she realizes something about herself or takes some kind of action.

When we can realize those qualities he represents in ourselves, then we find that thing about which we are most passionate. It’s the thing in life that makes us feel most at home just being yourself.

To get a clue about those qualities, notice the attraction you feel for certain types of men. Or recall a time when you fell in love at first sight, only later to find out that man was nothing like you’d imagined. The qualities you thought that saw in him were really your own.

There are cases of dream lovers where we should be cautious. Here is the dream of a married woman in her mid-thirties, who often fantasized about leaving her husband.

Dreams about strangers: the demon lover

I had hooked up with a small, dark haired man. He had tribal tattoos covering a very strong and muscular body. This man was very mysterious and dark, seductive and captivating. He had taken to me and taken me in his arms and was talking about spending life with me – just the two of us. I was very drawn to that idea. We were together in a far away park of some kind. That was where we were going live. I was making plans to leave my husband for this man. By the end, I was pausing for reflection over this decision. The moral dilemma arose and I said to myself, “how could I ever leave my husband?” I woke up

Dreams about Strangers: Mysterious Lovers Interpretation

I will probably dedicate an entire post to our dreams about lovers, but for now let’s look at the instance of what is often called the Demon Lover. I’ll be talking about it in terms of a woman, but men can also have demon lovers.

As you can see from the dream above, this inner figure wants to whisk this woman away to an isolated space, in a “far away park” of some kind. The dream language says that he is seductive and captivating. In other words, he draws her into herself and away from the real world.

I said in the beginning that this woman had fantasies of leaving her husband for some other man: her imagined ideal man. This kind of dream is an image for her seductive fantasy life – a fantasy that makes her believe that her real soul mate is still out there somewhere, waiting for her to find him. I know this is a familiar fantasy for a lot of women because I see it all of the time. This is the woman who longs to be rescued, seen, scooped up and taken away.

If you know the story of Bluebeard, he is the archetypal process we are talking about here. In the story, a woman falls in love with a wealthy stranger who marries her and takes her away to his castle. Once trapped in this far away place, she realizes this man has murdered all of his previous wives.

She makes it out of her situation in the end, but barely. The dream I shared here is a modern version of that same psychological dynamic in a woman. It will destroy any woman who falls into it.

As I said above, the soulful lover whom many a women seek is within her. Turn inward and discover who that is for yourself.

Dreams about strangers knocking in my door

Anytime I dream of someone knocking at my door, I think about all of the myths and stories of the Unknown Visitor(s). Just a few examples are Jupiter and Mercury who visit Philemon and Baucis, Khidr, Elijah, and St. Nicholas, just to name a few. You can look up any of those names to read their stories.

All of the stories are similar: a divine figure, dressed as beggar knocks on doors and asks for help. Most of the people do not give it – some out of fear, others out of selfishness. The people who do end up helping the divine stranger are always poor in materialistic terms, but rich in spirit. In the end, they find out who the stranger is and they are always greatly rewarded with gold and other treasures, and some of them, even with immortality.

Whenever the divine makes an appearance in these stories, there is usually something dreadfully wrong with the world. People have lost hope. Their life force no longer flows into anything because they no longer have any meaning in their lives – something like the situation T.S. Eliot describes in his poem the Wasteland.

I will never forget one of my dreams about someone knocking on my door:

Dreams about strangers: someone knocking at the door

Two guys came to my front door. It appeared as though they had been dropped off. One had a beard. They were selling something. I was willing to give them a listen. I said, “what do you have?” the bearded guy held out an amethyst crystal, surrounded by other crystals. It was lotus shaped. I asked, “how much?” he said, $525. I thought it was trying to rip me off and I closed the door in his face.

I knew the tragedy of what I done even when I awoke. It took me some time before I realized that I was actually doing this in my life: closing the door on gifts from the Universe. It was a painful realization for me. I felt horrible.

I see this again and again in my clients. They fail to recognize the significance of their dreams or of amazing synchronicities in their lives. If you do the same thing, it is at your own loss.

Whenever a person dreams about an Unknown Visitor, he or she should open the door and see who it is. Even if you closed the door in the dream, or, were afraid to open it – there’s still a message to the dream: something wants to come into your life.

I was recently asked by a young woman what it meant that she had a recurring dream of screaming every time a stranger knocked on her door.

That she screamed whenever someone knocked seemed to indicate a resistance to whoever or whatever wants to come in. If this kind of imagery sounds familiar to you, then I would ask you to reflect on how you might be stuck in your life. What are you afraid to do? How much does fear play into your life decisions?

Always remember that every dream is an image for something that wants to come in.  It is an aspect of yourself. Open the door and invite it in. He or she may be bearing gifts that will change your life.

Even if it’s something scary as hell, it is better to know about it than to be unconscious of it. Let it come in.

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Hi there, yesterday I had dream. I met three people in my dream two men and one women, all there were working on some project like Cleaning trees with water pipes and that all water came into my home. So I just objected and told to work carefully. Interestingly one was authoritative and said no however others two were normal and all three came to my home through balcony. Then authoritative, Other men was friendly good nature and women was very caring to me. I find it so weird but when I actually analyzed. all three people exists in my… Read more »

Shali Kui

Hello Miss Jesamine, I had a dream about 2 people 1 boy and a lady, I saw their heads. The next day I saw the boy at a restaurant I was going to say hi to him because I concluded that there is some sort of connection between us. But he was looking down at his phone so I did not. What does this mean?


I have a question. I had a dream, this dream showed 3 different people. All these people are unknown to me. I don’t know them and wouldn’t even be sure if they are real. They seems so real, they knew me extremely well. In this dream there was a guy, but he keeps popping up in my dreams although i don’t know him, what does this mean?


Hi Jesamine, Thanks for providing the analysis above, it’s really interesting. I woke up today from the following dream: I dreamed that the I was talking to a nice, kind man that was around my age at a table (a bit like a cafe setting/public building for arts). He mentioned he had cake as it was his birthday and I offered to get a lighter from the kitchen which he thought was strange but I told him I lived there and had been wanting to move for years. I realised I was in my night clothes so was not dressed… Read more »


What a great exposition. I got to your website through google search immediately I woke up from a dream I had in a 2min sudden nap. I layed on my bed praying seriously for some help in my waking life against some troubles I am going through. I kept calling on Orunmila, the deity of wisdom in yoruba to help me. At a point, I went into an unconscious state and felt a hard push against my body. I then saw myself in a room with my twin standing in a corner while I was at the door trying to… Read more »


It’s a pleasure. Please what’s your take on the interpretation of the dream?


This post was amazing. Really brought me a lot of clarity. Thank you. If I could offer my own example that ties in a lot of what you outline in this article…. I dreamt last night that I had started dating a new friend from work, and went to the bar with him and another new friend (both unknown to me in waking life). At some point at said bar, I went to the bathroom, and when I opened the door, found the new friend and boyfriend having sex. I left the bar and the dream feeling incredibly hurt and… Read more »


So I had this dream in an unknown place almost like a party setting but very chill with people I didn’t know. I dressed up….very chill but still dressed up; had my hair freshly done, nice chill fit, and Jewelry. This very tall guy bout 6’8 with the biggest most beautiful Afro came up to me to try to talk to me, flirty and all. I flirted back & we both had on all black. I was flattered. BUT…when he came up to me his face was very beat up but I could also tell he was very handsome. Him… Read more »


Well to me it seems that he is a reflection of my subconscious like you mentioned or my inner child. The guy being confident & charming while underage and a beat up face shows and tells me he doesn’t care what I think or people think of him he’s still very confident because he also stayed at the party. His presence was also overpowering 6’8 with a huggggge Afro. So I’m getting that maybe I don’t nurture or pay any or that much attention to that side of myself…that confident side or express it as I should. I’m very reserved.… Read more »

Last edited 3 years ago by Briana

So I had this dream tonight. here I was at a rooftop of a parking garage, I saw a girl and felt a strong love at first sight, I haven’t felt like that in years, so I approached her. She seemed really depressed and neglected and could barely articulate while talking to me. I asked her some questions, because I wanted to help her and show her that I liked her. My final question to her I clearly remember: Where do you stay I asked, she became really emotional and replied to me that she slept in the cargo hold… Read more »

Last edited 3 years ago by Lucas
Luis Perez

I had a dream that l moved into a new place and a little bit of time went by and things started happening (ghost activities), fast forward; l was told to say, “go away you’re not welcome here” (in my dream), l would say that phrase over and over, but things still continued to move around, l eventually took a different approach & started to ask “what’s your name”, “what do you need” or “what can l do for you” kinda things. Eventually, it got to the point where a ghost in the form of a baby approached me, let… Read more »


Hi. Was wondering if you could help me interpret my dream I heard the buzzer go. I went there a older lady said .. ‘is …. there, I’ve been looking for him and I thought I might find him here.. I’m his aunt’ I went silent, she said hello are you calling him and I said oohhhh come up and buzzed her in (The known guy is the person I’ve been seeing since July but in January he told me his not really for a relationship but he won’t let me go) I called him and Convo as follows ‘Umm… Read more »


im in a situation where i see whats going on but i’m only there mentally, always involving people or situations unrelated to me, last night – a mother busily getting ready for some sort of trip out, the father comes home and they are talking but i am only aware of the 2/3 year old drinking from a bottle i know it shouldn’t be drinking from, the father asks about the medicine for the granny when they both notice the child drinking from the bottle and they both start to panic. i wake up


I had a dream that I was in my old house where I used to live 8 years ago there I saw a old man a stranger he blowed at me and suddenly I started vomiting my vomit was black

Rhonda Hudson

Hi Jesamine & Happy 2021; I should start by giving you a few details of my waking life: I am currently separated from what I believe to be my Twin Flame. We first met briefly during a artistic performance we were a part of a year before. At that time he approached to ask if I was dating someone, at that time I was so I told him yes. This past September 2020 we came in contact again after I had ended the previous relationship I was in. We hit it off fast and intense. There was so much passion.… Read more »


My dream begins as I wake up on my couch at home in the morning. I can already hear some commotion upstairs and as I stand up from the couch, I walk to the front door and open it to find my older brother who expected me to be ready to go to a wedding ceremony but I’m not ready because I just woke up. I’m late and I know it. *I hate being late* He expresses annoyance at the situation and I peek out to see the car he came in, and there are 3 people in the car… Read more »

mandissa bermudez

i wont describe the whole dream just this one part I’m in this rv that i moved into and I’m settling in i see myself talking with a lady and then suddenly 2 strangers that i do not know barge in and try to make themselves at home one is smoking and I’m not sure what the other one is doing I’m somehow focused on just the one I’m furious i tell them to get out they don’t listen so i take there smokes and put them out as well as i smash them to pieces they then leave. now… Read more »


I m in my 20s and today dreamt of being in a class mostly full of boys and few girls…And most guys like me,I felt in dream that they like how I talk,way I smile,the way I answer..Mostly about everything.. And I saw myself standing in a school assembly and I was smiling wide about a joke I guess which a guy standing in front of me cracked and just as I was smiling I looked at my left side..There stood another handsome boy juSt staring at me..And he himself was smiling as if he was attracted towards me or… Read more »


Thank you a lot jesamine ?
I loved the way you answered my question
Thanks a lot
I will definitely try to find the inner me


Hi there! I’m hoping you can help me understand a dream I had last night. Typically, I don’t dream, I usually just sleep and wake up, it’s very rare that I have dreams. I’m just coming out of a bad financial patch after covid and struggles with work, I am also soon changing my work place. I don’t remember much of the actual dream, but I remember partially waking up at some points. It was based in the house I’m living in now, but it was extremely dark and the only light was from a spotlight from me. Also this… Read more »


Yes, thank you for your interesting summations re. dreams, quite illuminating in fact. Especially about the “stranger” in the dream perhaps being part of our own (hidden) psychi or shadows. Here is my dream (if you are interested) but no need to read, or respond or anything! Other people’s dreams can be quite tedious to listen to, though of course to themselves they may be very interesting … In my dream find a large, simple room in a large house in a cool, easygoing place. There are different tenants living there (different parts of me?). The rent is quite cheap… Read more »


I was talking to a handsome stranger (I can’t remember the conversation) the next thing I’m walking through a busy room when I see a toddler with red hair standing on a chair looking for someone she ignored me and kept looking,then the man I was talking to walked by the little girl started to wave and smile at him, he didn’t see her and kept walking to aque of people. Then he saw me,l waved at him and he waved back but the little girl thought he was waving at her she really started to get excited about this,… Read more »


Hello I’m going through a rough patch at work. So I had a dream about My cousin and I walking down the road while on my way from work then a stranger came after me with a long stick trying to attack me, I found a big long ropE (that I wouldn’t even have the strength to lift in my waking life) and started fighting that male stranger then I won the fight but my cousin kept looking back without help. After the fight I cried out loud at the top of my voice while I was walking down the… Read more »


Wow great post that helped me to understand my stranger dream, although there’s one aspect I did not catch. Any chance you know why an enemy stranger would cut off the shin of a new friend stranger? Context: I met the friend stranger by crashing her parked car in the back (which actually happened to me once) but her front door came off (she let me in her life I think according to your post). she ended up coming to my house then the bad stranger appeared and cut her shin. I ran away but legs gave out even though… Read more »


Had a dream a Dublin man kept coming to the door looking for my boyfriend threatening him he kept throwing things under the door like bombs but they didn’t go off we ran to hide in the toilet he was really freaky at first he seemed like a drunk but each time he came back he was more strange and aggressive which led me to believe he was on drugs.. in the end despite hiding each time he knocked our front and back door and him chasing us my boyfriend ended up going with him and so did I…. we… Read more »


I say a man man living in my room which is rented and has an excellent sea facing view. One night when I was making out with my girlfriend I saw this man staring at us from the wardrobe and this man doesn’t leave, No one cannot kill him , he is some special kind of power which makes this person un kill-able. He doesn’t harm me at all, just he doesn’t leave in fact he cleans my place decorates my room and even cook for me. However I want him to leave because I don’t know this person at… Read more »

Deepa Thilak

Hi Jesamine, I found your article a good read. I thought I will pour in my thoughts as well. Am pretty much stressed out these days as am not able to do my work because of the current situation. And almost a week ago, an actor died by suicide. I have seen many of his works. He was a real good actor.I was not so passionate about this guy. But his death has hit me really hard. The reason for his death is not really known. But the speculations are that he was depressed and he was banned by many… Read more »


I mostly sees strangers in my dream, I know they all are the one person, he is a boy somewhat at my age, a blackish hair with some coloured eye ( I forget that) and he seems to always help me from whatever horrible dream I had ;right now I saw 3 to 4 times maybe? And idk why I think I am in love with this male or whatsoever. Yeah that my life is just a trash and whole struggling. I always see that handsome boy (yeah handsome, because I saw his jawline). Idk this is weird , but… Read more »