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I often wonder what to call what I do.  Carl Jung himself never believed that his work would be continued by Jungian analysts; he said that his work would be continued by those who suffer.  In fact, he once stated, “Thank God I am Jung and not a Jungian.”  But even with that said, I am a Zurich-trained, Jungian Analyst with a Diploma in Analytical Psychology.   For me, it is important to call out that I did my training in Zurich because it is home to some of the best analysts in the world. My training analysts have been in practice for 40+ years and my soul has benefited in profound ways by working closely with them for the last decade.  Though I work with people around the world, my physical practice is located at the prestigious Psychological Club in Zurich.

By choice, my work does not fall under the category of a licensed psychotherapist, mental health counselor, or clinical psychologist.  My approach to psychological understanding and meaning relies on symbolism, metaphor, active imagination and meditation, and dream analysis.

I remain as true as possible to Jung’s original work, while also staying relevant to the Spirit of the Times.  I try to find as many avenues as I can to make a connection with you.  For example, I might share books, videos, music, art, or sometimes, even my personal experiences in order to help you make sense of your symbolic material.  Please check the Non-Licensure disclosure and ethics statement for more information.

People can open the door of inner work from many different points of entry and I am available for whichever style suits you.  For example, some people don’t have immediate psychological issues, but instead are interested in a better understanding of themselves through their unconscious material.  In these cases, we can work with psychological education from the Jungian perspective or have a Dream Reading session, where you can see how to work with your dream and its possible meanings.  Even if you are simply looking for a new direction in life, there is always something to work with coming from the unconscious.  Let’s explore the possibilities together.

If you want to know more about Jung’s psychology and dream analysis, then you should read my blogs. This really gives you the best idea of who I am and how I work.