Dream Readings

Experience the transformative potential of your dreams in real time, face-to-face dream readings via Skype/Zoom. You can think of this as something like an astrology reading or forecast.  A dream reading can give you deeper insight into your current situation.  You will fill out a form and make associations to all of your dream imagery. Together we will translate that into psychological language in an attempt to open a dialogue between you and the unconscious.

This is a good approach for someone who isn't interested in depth analysis, but would rather understand how to work with dreams and their insight.

One dream or recurring dream

Associations with your current situation

Amplification of symbolism

Archetypal patterns associated with your current life situation and dream imagery

Explore a Dream Series

See how dreams evolve in response to your attitude

Gain insight into the patterns in your life

Learn techniques to integrate the messages of your dreams

Deep Dive Work

Work through lifelong issues and discover their underlying meaning

Discover your creative potential or break through creative obstacles

Transcend a crisis in your life; realize your inner resources

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