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Plane Crash Dreams: Symbols of Crisis & Transformation

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In dream analysis, the first thing to remember is all dreams mirror the depths of our unconscious minds, offering profound insights and revelations. Plane crash dreams frighten almost every dreamer.  These dreams, charged with visceral imagery and intense emotions, are far from random revelations about conscious fears. Dreams about plane crashes are impactful narratives crafted by the unconscious, often signaling …

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The symbolic meaning of seeing someone pregnant in a dream

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What does it mean if you keep seeing someone pregnant in a dream, as in seeing someone else pregnant?  Symbolically speaking, pregnancy means something is developing.  Psychologically speaking, that something is in a state of potential. Think of seeing someone pregnant in a dream as a symbolic pregnancy in your unconscious.  It’s a pregnancy in a part of yourself of …

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The Symbolic Meaning of Dreams About Killing Someone

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The symbolic meaning of dreams about killing someone doesn’t have anything to do with repressed anger or aggression – at least not in the literal way that most of the dream sites out there claim. The real meaning of dreams about killing someone depends on who’s dreaming the dream and what is going on in the life of the dreamer at …

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Dreams About Kissing: The symbolic integration of our personality

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Dreams about kissing are usually about the psychological integration of two parts of your personality.  Symbolically speaking, you and whomever you are kissing in the dream need to come together as one.  Even if you dream of your partner kissing someone else, it is still symbolic of two parts of yourself that should be integrated.  (You can read more about what it …

Real Dream Interpretation: Discover Meaning, Unlock Potential

Welcome to Real Dream InterpretationA resource site dedicated to helping you understand and unlock the power of your dreams. If you are new to dream interpretation, this page will give you a summary of what dream interpretation is, how understanding dream meaning benefits you, and how this site is different from other dream sites.  At Real Dream Interpretation, you’ll find in-depth …