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The Symbolic Meaning of Dreams About Killing Someone

In Dreams about people by Jesamine Mello111 Comments

The symbolic meaning of dreams about killing someone doesn’t have anything to do with repressed anger or aggression – at least not in the literal way that most of the dream sites out there claim. The real meaning of dreams about killing someone depends on who’s dreaming the dream and what is going on in the life of the dreamer at …

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Snake bite dreams

In Snake Dreams by Jesamine81 Comments

Snake Bite Dreams Snake bite dreams have something specific to say about your personality and the way in which you live your life. As a dream symbol, the snake means something from beyond has penetrated your awareness. Snake bite dreams let you know in no uncertain terms that it’s time to wake up and pay attention to something that you have …

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Lion Symbolism and Lion Dreams

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Exploring Lion Symbolism Lion symbolism embodies qualities of courage, strength, and authority, with roots in ancient history and mythology. It’s a paradoxical symbol, signifying both admirable attributes and the dangers of unchecked pride and dominance.  When a lion attacks in a dream, it symbolizes a call to embrace lion-associated qualities like courage, strength, and authority. It may also represent inner …

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Houses in Dreams: Images of conscious and unconscious psyche

In Places in Dreams by Jesamine Mello16 Comments

Houses in dreams symbolize your whole life situation. They tell you something about your inner house, meaning your inner psychic state. Your inner psychic state is something which influences every aspect of your life: how you see things, how you relate to others, and how you see and relate to yourself. Houses in dreams can also reveal something specific about your conscious attitude …